This is a collectible NFT game. Users who manage to complete a set (3 different tokens per element) can exchange it (burning the tokens) and receive a prize


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Project Description

Six Elements is an NFT game of chance which utilizes ChainLinks randomization oracle. Each play grants the user two NFT's. There are six elements: fire, water, wind, earth, dark, and light. Each element has 2 or 3 different tokens to collect. Users who manage to collect at least one of each token in a given element will be able to exchange those NFT's for a percentage of the prize pool. The tokens are burned in the process.

The prize for submitting a set is a percentage of the collected prize pool. As these NFT's are tradeable, some users may choose to hold the rarest NFT's and sell them on the marketplace instead. The choice is entirely up to the player. We anticipate that in some cases, selling the tokens may be the better choice than collecting a full set.

How it's Made

This project was built by a team of two. The smart contract uses a standard ERC721 template along with custom functions for minting and selection of tokens.In addition, we are using ChainLink to inject a secure random variable and prevent this system from manipulation by miners. Since the ChainLink oracle requires a fee in LINK, we have decided to keep our payment and prize pool in LINK tokens.

The front-end was built using react.js along with typical web3/ethers packages.

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