Simply verify your email address and generate an NFT for it.


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Project Description

The purpose of this project is to let people prove they own an email address by generating NFTs for them. A user can verify his/her email address and we'll generate an NFT. Then, this email could be used for auth with another smart contract or to send the user a newsletter, ... So the user connects his/her account with Metamask, passes his/her email and clicks "Generate". We then send a verification email to the user from the backend and when the user clicks the link, an NFT is generated upon successful verification of the login link.

How it's Made

Used NFTPort to generate the NFTs and Moralis to easily auth the users and get their address. The backend is built with Flask and NFTPort's api is called from the backend. It's a simple client-server infrastructure. Finally, the app is deployed on Polygon as their fees are much lower than ETH.

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