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Revolutionizing NFT ownership by harnessing the power of Safe's Account Abstraction making NFT ownership accessible to everyone.


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ETHOnline 2023

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Project Description

Project Name: 3Jocks - Empowering Collaborative NFT Ownership


3Jocks is game-changing solution addressing the challenges of NFT ownership exclusivity. We firmly believe that NFTs should be accessible to a broader community, not just a select few. Our platform introduces a novel and innovative approach, enabling groups of users to pool their resources and collectively acquire NFTs that may otherwise be financially out of reach for individual enthusiasts by harnessing the power of Safe's Account Abstraction.

Problem Statement:

The rapid rise of NFTs has captured global attention, but their skyrocketing prices have, unfortunately, placed them beyond the means of many passionate collectors and enthusiasts. The conventional model of individual NFT ownership has proven to be limiting and exclusive. 3Jocks is the solution to this challenge, enabling users to come together and purchase NFTs as a community.

Our Solution:

3Jocks gives the users the power to purchase any NFT by forming groups with other people using multisig wallets and account abstraction.

Key Features:

In 3Jocks, users can seamlessly list an existing NFT or join groups for collective purchases. The platform features a marketplace showcasing NFTs, along with detailed information about each item. Users have the option to create or join groups with varying participation thresholds. For example, if an NFT is valued at 10 ETH, a group may require five members, each contributing 2 ETH.

Upon reaching the group's threshold, a multisig safe is automatically deployed to ensure that all members share control of the acquired NFT. To facilitate secure cross-chain transactions, we integrate the Axelar protocol, allowing users to participate irrespective of their preferred blockchain. For group communication, our Push Chat feature is embedded within the platform, enabling users to interact within their groups and enhance the collaborative NFT ownership experience.

How It Works:

  • A user starts by visiting the 3Jocks platform.
  • Users can choose to either list an existing NFT for collaborative purchase or browse the available NFTs.
  • If they opt to buy an NFT, they can navigate to the NFT details page to explore existing groups with different thresholds.
  • Users may join an existing group or create a new one.
  • As the group reaches its threshold, a multisig safe is automatically deployed.
  • Each member deposits their proportionate share of the NFT's price into the safe.
  • Once the required amount is reached, the NFT is purchased and securely stored within the multisig treasury.

Why 3Jocks?

3Jocks is not just another NFT platform; it represents a revolution in NFT ownership. By empowering individuals to collaborate and share ownership, we are fostering inclusivity in the NFT space. Our platform leverages advanced technologies and protocols to ensure security, transparency, and a user-friendly experience.

How it's Made

  1. Safe Multisig Account Abstraction: The core of 3Jocks' technology is the deployment of Safe Multisig accounts with account abstraction. These accounts are established when a group of users reaches the specified threshold for an NFT purchase. Safe Multisig with account abstraction is typically implemented on Ethereum, providing a secure and decentralized way to manage the ownership and control of NFTs collectively.

  2. Tableland - Web3 Backend: To store and manage the data of NFTs and users on the platform, 3Jocks utilizes Tableland, a web3 backend. Tableland ensures data transparency, integrity, and accessibility, making it possible for users to track their NFT purchases and group activities in real-time.

  3. Sismo Connect: Ensuring user authentication and identity verification is critical for building trust in the NFT space. 3Jocks incorporates Sismo Connect to authenticate users securely when they list an existing NFT in the marketplace. This helps in verifying the identities of users while maintaining their privacy and security.

  4. APE Coin: APE Coin is at the core of the platform's NFT transactions. It serves as the currency for purchasing NFTs and is the token used within 3Jocks for group members to contribute their share toward NFT acquisitions. APE Coin integration ensures a smooth and efficient transaction process. Furthermore, all of the NFTs present in the marketplace are from APE.

5.Axelar: The Axelar protocol is employed to enable cross-chain transactions. This technology allows users to participate in 3Jocks activities, regardless of their preferred blockchain. By facilitating seamless interoperability, Axelar contributes to the platform's accessibility and inclusivity. NFTs can be bought at any of the chain with the help of Axelar cross chain communication regardelss of where safe wallet is deployed.

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