Yield Maximizer and DeFi tools (on top of Polygon for the time being)


Created At

HackMoney 2021

Project Description

We aim to build a blue chip token/protocol yield maximizer which offers the anti-pump&dump yields that exist in the market, but more stable long term perspective. Therefore we are in the working on mechanism that not only incentivize the supply of the system but the demand with a long term perspective.

How it's Made

We use:

  • React / Nextjs in the front-end.

  • Infura as our default RPC.

  • Solidity to write contracts.

We have deployed some v0 strategies mostly for ourselves on top of AAVE. We are working on some Curve strategies as well, and looking other Layer 2 solutions (like Arbitrum).

Other new things being added:

  • UMA KPI options for token distribution.

  • Supertoken from Superfluid will be used as our main token.

Our focus now is Tokenomics, community and grow.

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