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An advanced solution enabling private transactions within DeFi apps and beyond


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ETHGlobal Paris

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🏊 Neon EVM — Pool Prize

Project Description


An advanced solution for private transactions in DeFi and beyond.

Addressing these issues through DeFi transaction privacy:

  • Business Data Security: Open transactions may expose critical data like wallet amounts and trade tactics. Our solution keeps this crucial information hidden, maintaining your business's integrity.
  • Protecting Major Token Owners: Significant token owners can inadvertently influence market patterns, causing undesired price fluctuations. Our tool enables them to lend tokens privately, minimizing potential market disturbances.
  • Boosting User Engagement: Confidentiality is key in financial dealings. Our tool ensures transactional privacy in DeFi, building trust and promoting wider adoption of decentralized finance.
  • Preserving User Privacy: Users typically wish to keep loan specifics, such as liquidation prices, confidential to avoid potential market interference. Our tool ensures these details remain hidden, safeguarding users' financial security.

Solution Overview:

  • Protects sensitive business information and trading strategies.
  • Major token holders operate discreetly.
  • Conceals swap, loan, payment details, etc.

How does 1shield work? User <--> Railgun <--> DAPP

In the upcoming period, 1shield is set to embark on an ambitious journey:

  • Integrations with more DeFi apps and just Dapps (AAVE, Uniswap, Compound, Lido, etc.)
  • Privacy mechanism will get sophisticated (time-dependent, shuffled, split transactions)
  • Crosschain Integrations

The market potential:

  • Our solution has vast market potential, serving the entire EVM-based DeFi ecosystem. All Dapps compatible with Railgun.

How it's Made

The inception of 1shield was born out of a desire to address the glaring privacy issues in the DeFi landscape. We recognized the need for a solution that could ensure transactional privacy while maintaining the integrity of the DeFi ecosystem. We started with a deep dive into the existing DeFi landscape, identifying the key issues that needed addressing - business data security, user engagement, user privacy, and the protection of major token holders.

We used Railgun, a sponsor technology, for our proof of concept. Railgun's privacy-preserving smart contracts were a perfect fit for our project, allowing us to deploy our solution across multiple platforms including Neon, Celo, Linea, Zetachain, Gnosis, Cartesi, and Polygon.

Throughout the development process, we faced numerous challenges. From ensuring the privacy of transactions to dealing with the inherent volatility of the DeFi market, each hurdle required a unique solution. However, our team's determination and innovative spirit allowed us to overcome these obstacles and create a solution that we believe can significantly impact the future of the DeFi landscape.

Railgun, 1inch API, ts, deployment on 1inch.

  • Also, SC deployed on:
    • Neon
    • Celo
    • Linea
    • Zetachain
    • Gnosis
    • Cartesi
    • Polygon

In the end, 1shield is more than just a project for us. It's a testament to our commitment to enhancing privacy in DeFi transactions and our belief in the potential of decentralized finance.

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