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Any individual without prior knowledge of Blockchain or Solidity can build and deploy a complete supply chain for his/her product, customized according to their needs using our user-friendly interface.


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Project Description

What we propose is a Supply Chain Hub where any non-technical person can come and create his supply chain by adding the number of nodes and information to receive through an interactive user-friendly UI. The smart contract and the UI for individual nodes will be auto-generated. All transactions will take place using Smart Contracts which will help in tracking every product. Using our system any person technical or non-technical can create a secure supply chain for his business even if he has no knowledge of Blockchain or solidity. This brings 100% transparency on trading of goods by broadcasting the quantity with the entities and the transactions they have made for trading.

How it's Made

Our project has two interfaces : Web App and Android App.

Our platform is built on Matic Network for faster, scalable transactions.

The web platform is built in such a way that any user can build his own customized supply chain by deploying the auto generated smart contract.

A python script is used to generate this smart contract according to user needs.

It also features a p2p chat application, to connect all the members of the same supply chain. The chat app is built using ceramic, sockets and webrtc. Sockets and webrtc make the chat application realtime and ceramic is used to persist all messages.

The Android app uses web3j library to interact with the smart contract through java.

Individual product can be tracked through the user friendly interface and the location can also be determined through Google Map.

A barcode scanner is built within the app to scan any product using our platform and can be tracked further.

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