Hacker Pack

Hacker Pack

A pack exclusive for ETHGlobal hackers with access to Faucets and developer perks
Mint Pack for free

Requires verification of past hackathon participation

What's in the Pack?

Testnet Faucet
Get testnet ETH on multiple L1 and L2 networks on a daily basis for being a community member.
0.1 ETH/day
Swag Store Discount
Get 5% off on your purchase of any shirt from the ETHGlobal Swag Store
5% Discount
City Pack Discount
Get 10% discount on buying a City Packs for being a past ETHGlobal attendee!
10% Discount
ENS Domain
Register or renew a free ENS domain for being an in-person ETHGlobal event hacker in 2024
Free ENS
Lens Account
Get a free Lens account for being a past Hacker at ETHGlobal events
Free Lens Account
Farcaster Account
Get a free Farcaster account for being a past Hacker at ETHGlobal events
Free Warpcast Account
Starknet ID
Own your name on the Starknet chain with a free courtesy (including gas) curtesy of Starknet ID.
Free .stark domain
50% Off Chainlink SmartCon
Elevate your developer skills at SmartCon 2024 with a 50% discounted ticket.
50% DiscountOct 30-31

What is a Pack?

Built for you

Packs exist to guide you on your personal Web3 journey. Whether you're a developer building your first dapp, preparing to attend your first Ethereum event, or an experienced Web3 user, there's a Pack perfect for you

Curated by us

Each Pack is a set of curated perks by the ETHGlobal team including guaranteed access to the best community events, credits to services you use, and special perks only available to Pack holders

Extendable by all

Packs are onchain NFTs and act as a building block for anyone to offer Pack holders additional value. If you're interested in contributing to a Pack ping us at partner@ethglobal.com

Frequently asked questions

Do I need ETH to mint the Pack NFT?
No, minting is free of cost. No gas or transaction fees need to be covered by you and you will receive the NFT in your verified wallet once the Pack is minted post purchase.
What does Limited mean?
Each Perk with this tag has a limited number of spots or quantities available and they get claimed on a first come first serve basis. Once all spots are filled, the perk is no longer redeemable.
Do my Perks expire?
Yes, each perk has an expiry and claim date. Once the claim date is passed, the perk is no longer redeemable. These perks are designed to enhance your experience in the city and generally have a validity of the week all events occur.
What is your refund policy?
You are eligible for a full refund as long as you have not claimed any of the perks. Once you redeem a perk, even if it is not directly used or in the case of a partner event, not attended by you, you are not eligible for a refund.