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Unlimit is at the forefront of revolutionizing the payment landscape, offering a truly borderless payment solution that caters to both local and international markets. With a vision of eradicating borders and intermediaries, Unlimit is making business expansion into regions like LATAM, APAC, Africa, Europe, and the UK seamless. Boasting the world's largest in-house developed payment infrastructure, Unlimit provides a plethora of services: Unlimit Crypto: Pioneering the next generation of fiat on & offramp solutions for Defi, Gamefi, and NFTs. Unlimit's universal API, direct integrations, and high approval ratios ensure that businesses can minimize costs, maximize revenue, and enter both local and international markets with unparalleled ease. Card Acquiring: Accept debit and credit card payments in a multitude of currencies and from all major card brands globally. 1000+ Payment Methods: Ensuring customers have the flexibility to pay the way they desire, irrespective of their location. Multi-currency IBAN Accounts: Facilitating international transfers, card transfers, and local payment methods. Card Issuing: Offering the capability to launch both physical and virtual white-label cards in association with Visa, Mastercard, or UnionPay. Unlimit BaaS: A highly configurable API platform tailored to businesses' unique needs.


🏄🏽‍♂️ Best Use Case of Unlimit Crypto$10,000
Up to 4 teams will receive $2,500
Inspiration: Imagine the power of AA wallets with their smart contract execution functionalities. Now, pair that with Unlimit's capability to onramp into any cryptocurrency from any fiat currency or vice versa for offramps. An example could be a dapp where users utilize Unlimit's onramps to acquire a specific token, and upon receipt in their AA wallet, a predefined logic they created and manage initiates an NFT purchase. But that's just one example. The real magic lies in bridging the DeFi/Web3 Gaming/NFT world with the traditional banking/fiat realm through your innovative, “non-custodial dapp”. The possibilities are endless.

Qualification Requirements

Develop an app that seamlessly integrates Unlimit’s on/off ramps with combinations of the following: -Account Abstraction Wallets (AA wallets) -Dapps from the DeFi/NFT/Gaming/Web3 ecosystem -Integration with web2 technologies to expand utility and accessibility


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Join our workshop to learn more about how Unlimit Crypto can provide your users the most seamless on and offramp ex...

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03:20 PM AEST — Friday, May 3, 2024 in Workshop Room