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At Nethermind, we love pushing the boundaries of what's possible within the blockchain ecosystem. We invite you to leverage our tools, expertise and partnerships to bring your best ideas to life. Our work spans many areas of blockchain development, including staking innovations, the integration of AI with blockchain, advancements in ZK proofs, MEV innovations, institutional solutions, and the development of Starknet tooling and infrastructure.


🤖 AI integration in blockchain$2,000
This prize seeks innovative solutions at the intersection of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and blockchain technology. We encourage participants to explore AI applications that enhance blockchain functionality, user experience, identity verification, truth verification, and more. Submissions can range from AI-supported user onboarding processes to advanced solutions for maintaining Machine Learning (ML) computational integrity using Starknet and Zero-Knowledge (ZK) proofs. **Research projects examining the role of AI in blockchain are also welcome, as are solutions leveraging blockchain data for building a model to help user experience, such as AI agents consuming intents. Suggested areas of focus - ML Computational Integrity: Explore how Starknet and ZK proofs can support the integrity of ML computations on the blockchain. - User Experience: Solutions that use AI to improve blockchain user onboarding, interaction, and overall experience. - Identity and Truth Verification: AI-driven approaches to enhance identity verification and truth verification processes on the blockchain. - ML/Data science with chain data: Train a model, AI agent, or extract hidden insights from blockchain data. - On-chain AI: DAOs and other on-chain contracts using decisions from verifiable AI.

Qualification Requirements

gizatech.xyz, modulus, pth, GGML, ckpt, ONNX, HF, Safetensor, or any AI model (LLMs, huggingface models) interacting with or on any chain. We prefer the use of open-source models.

㊙️ Zero-Knowledge (ZK) innovations$2,000
This prize recognizes the most innovative use of Zero-Knowledge (ZK) proofs within the Ethereum ecosystem, privacy enhancements, and scalability improvements. We encourage submissions that explore proof aggregation, align with Vitalik's singularity roadmap, offer zkEVM-related solutions, or develop educational tooling. While Starknet-based solutions are highlighted, we welcome any L2-based submissions that advance the use of ZK technology. - Proof Aggregation: Innovations that improve efficiency and scalability through proof aggregation. - ZK in Ethereum & L2s: Solutions that leverage ZK for privacy, scaling, and enhancing Ethereum and its L2 networks. - Improvements or contributions to Starknet v2 prover Stwo. - Novel Educational Tooling: Tools and platforms that facilitate the understanding and development of ZK applications. For example, visualization tools and interactive platforms. - Research and Engineering: Implementation of proof systems or cryptographic primitive from research papers

Qualification Requirements

Implementation of novel ZK publication, recent advances in SNARK folding. Proof aggregation of SNARKs and STARKs. Optimizing implementation of existing SNARK/STARK systems. Improvement or contribution to Stwo. Novel uses of the qualifying technologies.

💾 Data Availability and Blobspace$1,000
This prize celebrates innovative solutions that improve data availability and utilization within the blockchain ecosystem. We are looking for projects that offer new approaches to using blob space, enhance data availability (DA) on Layer 2 (L2) solutions, develop alternative DA layers for L2s, or provide insightful research on DA technologies. Submissions could include data dashboards, practical use cases around EIP-4844, unusual applications of blob space, or educational tools that elucidate DA concepts. Incorporating ideas from Starknet Volition, EIP-4844, EigenDA, and NEAR Data Availability into your projects is highly encouraged. Suggested areas of focus * Blob Space Utilization: Creative uses of blob space and solutions that address its pricing, gas implications or aggregation. * L2 Support and Alternative DA Layers: Enhancements to DA in L2 ecosystems or new DA layer propositions. * Educational Tools and Visualizers: Tools that aid in understanding DA and its impact on blockchain systems. * Research and Modeling: Studies exploring the behavior of assets in rollups depending on the DA mechanism employed.

Qualification Requirements

EigenDA, EIP-4844 blobs, NEAR DA, Celestia, Avail. Any original or novel applications will also be highly considered. Links to each are provided as resources.