logoScaling Ethereum 2024


We offer a complete ZK coprocessor for scaling your Ethereum application opening up a new paradigm in application and ZK development. In other words, we offer an end-to-end system for proving code off-chain and verifying proofs on-chain. Our ZK coprocessor enables you to build complex logic in your Dapp, with no extra gas costs, enabling use cases like on-chain order books, advanced DeFi primitives, Fraud Proofs, generative NFTs, Google and KYC based identity (like Bonsai Pay and zkKYC) and on-chain gaming (like Doom!). The core RISC Zero zkVM is built with a 100% Rust interface with compatibility across the majority of Rust crates and Rust repos. This powerful foundation enables anyone to build ZK programs without any background in cryptography or advanced ZK maths. Just code like usual in Rust and build upgradable and extensible ZK programs 1000x faster than in the past. Some potential projects include: ZK Coprocessors (outlined above), ZK and Optimistic L2s (EVM and Non-EVM, ZK bridges, Bitcoin/Ethereum ZK Interop, zkML, and more!


🎉 ZK Coprocessor Bounty$5,000
Up to 4 teams will receive $1,250
The Foundry template makes it easy to get started with both the on-chain and off-chain parts of a coprocessor application. This provides a starting point for building powerful new applications on Ethereum that offload computationally intensive (i.e. gas expensive), or would be difficult to implement Solidity.

Qualification Requirements

Submissions should offload computation from on-chain to off-chain using the RISC Zero Foundry Template. Special consideration will be given to projects that utilize our View Call Proofs Library, a powerful primitive that enables developers to access Ethereum state from within the zkVM.

💻 Best zkVM Application$3,000
Up to 3 teams will receive $1,000
We are awarding $3,000.00 to the top projects that build an application using the RISC Zero zkVM. There are no specific use cases we are looking for, so be as creative as you’d like!

Qualification Requirements

This is our most open-ended prize -- the only requirement is that your submission use the RISC Zero zkVM.

🛂 On-chain Identity Bounty$2,000
Up to 3 teams will receive $666
RISC Zero unlocks the ability to bring identity from anywhere on-chain. Bonsai Pay and zkKYC demonstrate the power of integrating Google and ID.me identities on-chain, by verifying JWTs within the zkVM. We believe this is just the beginning, and want to see teams take this further, by building on top of these demos or by integrating new sources of identity. We are awarding $2,000.00 to the top projects that build an application advancing on-chain identity with RISC Zero. Teams may use the Bonsai Pay, zkKYC, or jwt-validator examples as their starting points. Teams may also integrate new forms of identity, such as DKIM signatures, verified bank statements, digital passport documents, passkeys, key transparency trees, or any other source that will advance the state of on-chain identity. The award will be split between the best submissions. We look forward to seeing the creative ways in which developers integrate on-chain identity into their applications. Let's push the boundaries of what's possible with identity, leveraging the powerful new zkVM ecosystem!

Qualification Requirements

We encourage you to use the JWT verification pattern that's used in Bonsai Pay and zkKYC, but we'll also consider other design patterns that help manage the problem of on-chain identity.