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Powerloom Protocol is a decentralized data protocol designed to address the increasing data demands of innovative contract-based applications, including Defi, games, and other user-centric platforms. It incentivises participating peers to achieve consensus on state transitions and event emissions across multiple smart contracts. By utilizing data compositions on smaller, consensus-reached data units, Powerloom serves as a peer-validated and accurate information source, enabling rich data applications such as dashboards, bots, aggregators, and insights trackers.


🏆 Best Use of Powerloom$5,000
Prizes will be awarded to the best projects that leverage Powerloom. Winners will be selected based on: - Use Case importance and reputation (in defi) - Implementation quality and Complexity - Usefulness and innovation BONUS: Build a Front-end for the data you're generating using Powerloom.

Qualification Requirements

- Must leverage Powerloom Snapshotter Node or Snapshotter API in some way - Showcase exceptional creativity, impact, and technical implementation. - Must be a new project built during the hackathon - Must be open-source and available on GitHub - Must have a clear and concise documentation - Must have a clear and concise README.md file