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Gnosis Chain is an EVM L1 blockchain operated by a diverse set of validators around the world. It is one of the Ethereum’s first sidechains focused on resilience and credible neutrality as its core values. Currently, there are over 200,000 validators who secure the network. Gnosis Chain has fast transaction time of 5 seconds and low transaction fees.For instance, for 500 transactions $0.01 xDAI is required. Gnosis Chain network is secured by 200k validators around the world. The ecosystem support is ever growing, hence making it a perfect choice for developers to build dApps on-chain!


🚀 Build new consumer experiences on Farcaster/Lens/dApps with Fileverse$1,000
Fileverse is an onchain collaboration alternative to Notion and Google Workspace. With Fileverse's fresh HeartBit SDK you can enable novel onchain user interactions directly on your app and generate granular user analytics trackable on Dune. HeartBits are provable, time-based onchain "Likes" that people generate by simply engaging with your app, website, onchain media, Frame or OpenAction! The SDK also allows you to easily deploy Frames and Open Actions with gasless transactions. Some project ideas to consider building: -Integrate HeartBits to your app or website. -Create an analytics-viewing Frame/OpenAction for HeartBit (e.g., when interacting with Frame number of HeartBits their address has generated displayed and how they rank compared to other addresses that own HeartBits) -Create and post an innovative HeartBit-enabled Frame on Farcaster or Open Action on Lens. -Build an app/Frame/OpenAction that allows people to mint and share HeartBits with their followers on Farcaster/Lens accounts. -Build a Frame/OpenAction mini-game leveraging HeartBits (e.g., click-based game)

Qualification Requirements

-Include problem statement in README along with working demo link. -Use HeartBit SDK’s Gnosis relayer (to cover any fees) -(if applicable) Have a functioning app or published Farcaster Frame or Lens OpenAction that uses HeartBit. - smart contracts deployed on gnosis chain or chiado testnet

👋 Build consumer focused products on Gnosis Chain for web3 users$4,500
   ① $2,000       ② $1,500       ③ $1,000   
Build dApps which can be used by web3 users. You can build your own usecase, mentioning the problem and how your hack is the solution. You can leverage Account Abstraction, social logins, for web3 onboarding aspects. You could also use communication protocols and support interoperability for the product. This product could be focused on Defi, UX, Staking, SocialFi, Wallet, Off ramp and on Ramp etc. Few ideas that you could consider : * Explore ERC 4337 AA and ERC 1155 token standard, your NFT token is the smart account. * Use passkeys to sign transactions - using FaceID, touchID * Create a wallet which can get integrated to your social accounts. * Use Liquidity protocols like https://aave.com/ and create a defi focused tool. * Build platform for token gated community * Explore different EIPs and ERCs relevant to your product

Qualification Requirements

- Working Vercel or deployed link of the product - Should be deployed on mainnet or testnet - Should have a working UI - Should contain problem statement in README

💳 Build An Integration With Gnosis Pay$2,000
Up to 2 teams will receive $1,000
Gnosis Pay introduces the first decentralized payment network, bridging traditional finance and decentralized finance (DeFi) by integrating with conventional payment systems like Visa. For this hackathon we would like to see developers build applications that integrate with Gnosis Pay Accounts. You do NOT need a Gnosis Pay card to work on this prize. Gnosis Pay accounts are just Safe Accounts that have the following two modules attached: the Delay & Role Modules(see in documentation below). You can build either new modules or integrations with existing modules to create solutions for Gnosis Pay. Here are some project ideas that we're looking for: - E-commerce payment gateway - Subscription Management platform - fix a spendable amount from gnosis pay safe account, get points for timely payment and convert in spendable token EURe - Hook integration with Uniswap or Pancakeswap on a Gnosis Pay Safe Account Below are the links to the Gnosis Pay documentation & Telegram chats w/ the Gnosis Pay engineering team and DevRel

Qualification Requirements

- Should utilize the delay module or roles module - Should be deployed on Gnosis Chain

🚀 Build developer tool/library/integration$1,500
Up to 2 teams will receive $750
Create an integration with a web3 protocol that you think will be helpful to web3 users and the builders of gnosis chain. You can look at what integrations are already supported and how you can expand by contributing a proof-of-concept, for example, build smart contract helpers. You can even build a UI components for different usecases. Gnosis chain has super low transaction fees in stable token xDAI. Make use of this opportunity to develop something for the community of Gnosis Chain builders. For example, Delegated Voting Mechanism: Implement a delegated voting mechanism for Uniswap governance proposals on Gnosis Chain, allowing users to delegate their voting power to trusted entities or community representatives.

Qualification Requirements

- Smart contracts should be deployed on gnosis chain or chiado testnet - There should be an open source github repository along with readme and how the component/tool can be used

🚀 Build cross chain application using Hashi$2,000
Up to 2 teams will receive $1,000
Create a full fledged dApp that utilizes Hashi, an EVM Hash Oracle Aggregator, designed to facilitate a principled approach to cross-chain bridge security. Hashi aims to create “additive security” to cross-chain messages by aggregating block headers from different sources. A block header will be considered valid only when a number of block sources (oracles) above a certain threshold report the same result. Hashi is the first step towards a principled approached to bridges and will play a key role in the Gnosis Chain interoperability roadmap. Utilize the message dispatching feature using Yaru and Yaho and create a cross chain application. Read more about Hashi in the documentation linked below.

Qualification Requirements

- Smart Contracts should be deployed on Gnosis Chain or Chiado testnet


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Gnosis Chain is an L1 EVM compatible chain which has its stable coin xDAI and offers fast transaction times with lo...

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