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Curvegrid is a leading provider of blockchain application development tools. Curvegrid helps developers implement DApps faster, easier, and more efficiently so you can concentrate on what really matters to your application - art, real estate, shipping containers, in-game items, or anything else you want to decentralise. Curvegrid's flagship product, MultiBaas, offers a REST API, event indexing, transaction management, webhooks, and more allowing you to supercharge your app creation and even build without prior blockchain knowledge. MultiBaas supports development on multiple blockchain platforms and helps you integrate with existing systems and manage your smart contracts.


🏆 The Curvegrid Prize$1,000
   ① $500       ② $300       ③ $200   
The Curvegrid Prize awards teams for using Curvegrid technology to accelerate their development. Since MultiBaas helps you build quicker on networks like Ethereum, Arbitrum, and Gnosis Chain, you can use it to speed up your pursuit of other prizes too! 🤫 Some ideas to consider: an NFT character game, a DeFi dashboard, the next SocialFi platform, or an ERC-4337 smart contract suite and toolkit. But don't just listen to us, we're excited to see your ideas!

Qualification Requirements

The Curvegrid Prize will be awarded to the best projects that use MultiBaas. Judging is based on your idea, technical execution, and use of MultiBaas.