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The first component of Avail - Avail DA - solves for rollup scalability via scalable data availability. Avail DA is a state-of-the-art modular DA that implements data availability sampling (DAS) with validity proofs. It provides abundant blobspace for anyone to use without feeling restricted by their use case and scale.


📝 Best dApp deployed on Avail-powered Rollup$2,000
Split with up to 4 teams (capped at $500 per team)
Avail allows anyone to spin up scalable and cheap rollups easily. We’ve created an Avail-powered OP Stack chain (EVM-compatible) for you to build and deploy your decentralized applications (dApps) with ease!Deploy your dApp/contracts on this optimium to be eligible for prizes. Most original, creative, and technically sound projects will have a chance at winning this bounty.

Qualification Requirements

- Must deploy and verify contracts on Blockscout Explorer. - Must document the contract addresses on GitHub README. - Projects will be judged based on their originality, creativity, and technical feasibility.

🛠 Best appchain/rollup/project built with Avail DA$2,000
Up to 2 teams will receive $1,000
Avail DA is a robust DA base layer for developers to spin up fast, cheap, and secure rollups. Build your project that utilizes AvailDA’s expandable blobspace meaningfully or build a project that helps developer/user experience and improves the Avail ecosystem. - Use RISC Zero zkVM or co-processors and submit data to Avail DA. - Use Arbitrum Orbit with Avail DA's Orbit adapters to build your rollup. - Build a micro-rollup with Stackr SDK - Build an NFT marketing rollup built on Avail DA - Liquid Staking for Avail and many more ideas can be found in the cheatsheet below!

Qualification Requirements

Only Eligible projects will qualify for the prizes: - Projects integrating Avail for data availability or using the Avail network in a meaningful way (with utility) are eligible. - Projects using Avail's light client P2P network are also eligible. - Projects building upon or improving any of Avail's existing tools and technologies are eligible. - Projects that expand Avail's ecosystem are eligible. - Needs to be a new project. Any pre-existing project MUST mention what has been done beforehand and explicitly state what was accomplished during the hackathon.