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Safe brings digital ownership of accounts to everyone by building universal and open contract standards for the custody of digital assets, data, and identity.


🚀 Best app integrating the Safe 4337 Module$8,000
   ① $2,500       ② $2,200       ③ $1,800       ④ $1,500   
Build an application that supports Safe accounts v1.4.1 that use the Safe 4337 Module and Pimlico.

Qualification Requirements

The app must be able to deploy or connect existing Safe accounts and execute gassless transactions with them via the module to qualify.

🖼️ Best Safe Farcaster frame$2,000
Build, deploy and publish a frame on Farcaster that works with Safe smart accounts. Very nice to have: Usage of the Safe 4337 Module within the frame.

Qualification Requirements

Without redirecting to an app outside Farcaster, the frame must be able to deploy or use existing Safe accounts and execute transactions with them to qualify. The frame must be shared on Farcaster and ready to use.


Building with the Safe 4337 Module

Learn about the Safe 4337 Module, how to enable it and execute sponsored transactions using Pimlico infrastructure.

This workshop is happening in-person

03:40 PM GMT — Friday, Mar 15, 2024 in Workshop Room 1