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Morpho Blue is a noncustodial lending protocol implemented for the Ethereum Virtual Machine. Morpho Blue offers a new trustless primitive with increased efficiency and flexibility compared to existing lending platforms. It provides permissionless risk management and permissionless market creation with oracle agnostic pricing. It also enables higher collateralization factors, improved interest rates, and lower gas consumption. The protocol is designed to be a simple, immutable, and governance-minimized base layer that allows for a wide variety of other layers to be built on top. Morpho Blue also offers a convenient developer experience with a singleton implementation, callbacks, free flash loans, and account management features, allowing many products to be built on top.


💙 Best Morpho Blue or MetaMorpho integration$1,000
Build an application or smart contracts integrating either Morpho Blue or MetaMorpho vaults.

Qualification Requirements

The app or smart contracts should be as close as production ready as possible.