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Dive into Gnosis Pay: Join us in revolutionizing blockchain payments with Gnosis Pay. We're looking for innovative solutions that streamline transactions, enhance security, and improve user experiences. Whether it's integrating new payment methods or crafting user-centric designs, your contribution can help set a new standard in the crypto payment landscape. At the foundation of Gnosis Pay are Safe Smart Accounts, you can use the Safe AA SDK to build payment apps for Gnosis Pay!


🖼️ Decentralized Application (DApp) Interaction with Gnosis Pay $2,500
   ① $1,500       ② $1,000   
Develop an innovative solution that enables seamless interaction between Gnosis Pay Account Safe users and various decentralized applications (DApps) using our Delay Module. The solution should ensure that all transactions initiated from DApps are securely queued in the Gnosis Pay delay module, providing users with enhanced control and security over their funds. Any transaction initiated from DApps needs to be queued in the Gnosis Pay delay module. Why? So that debit card transactions are not rugpulled while using a DApp (i.e. race condition).This prize aims to promote the integration of Gnosis Pay's secure infrastructure with the DApp ecosystem, empowering users to engage with DApps while maintaining robust safeguards against potential risks.

Qualification Requirements

- Needs to work with the delay module on the Safe - Needs to be deployed (Gnosis Chiado testnet or Gnosis mainnet)

📈 Yield Bearing Tokens Integration with Gnosis Pay$4,500
   ① $2,000       ② $1,500       ③ $1,000   
Make Gnosis Pay users earn yield on their debit card! The challenge? Users can't directly pay in yield tokens! Potential solutions include: - A solution that enables Gnosis Pay cardholders to hold and automatically convert interest-earning tokens (e.g., sDAI, wstETH) to EURe or GBPe tokens (e.g. via CoW order) whenever the balance drops below a threshold, ensuring yield and while still holding enough tokens to satisfy your grocery shopping. - A smart contract solution to provide guaranteed on chain liquidity for seamless sDAI to EURe conversions. This contract should hold a reserve of EURe and offer real-time quotes, ensuring users can hold sDAI effortlessly without manual liquidity management. The contract must include a safety feature, such as a 2-minute delay for quote adjustments or EURe withdrawals, to protect against rapid market changes. This will enable users to hold and use sDAI on their Gnosis Pay Safe Accounts with the confidence of having immediate access to EURe liquidity, streamlining the payment process on the Gnosis Pay platform.

Qualification Requirements

- Needs to work with the delay module on the Safe - Needs to be deployed (Gnosis Chiado testnet or Gnosis mainnet) - Optional: if you own a gnosis safe card you can build on mainnet but only with delay and roles module in production, beaware of any funds that you may transfer.

🧨 Other Innovative Use Cases on Top of Gnosis Pay$3,000
Up to 4 teams will receive $750
Propose and develop a novel idea that leverages Gnosis Pay for innovative payment solutions, enhancing the utility and adoption of Gnosis Pay within the blockchain ecosystem. Some Ideas: - Reward users NFT when reaching certain events (first tx, first refund, spend more than 20EURe)

Qualification Requirements

- Needs to be deployed (Gnosis Chiado testnet or Gnosis mainnet)


🛠️ Gnosis Pay Workshop

Gnosis Pay is the world's first on-chain, self-custodial debit card. Gnosis Pay is built on top of Gnosis Chain, on...

This workshop is happening in-person

05:00 PM GMT — Friday, Mar 15, 2024 in Workshop Room 2