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SUAVE is a programmable mempool that you can build MEV and offchain applications ontop of! SUAVE offers advanced privacy primitives, credible compute capabilities, and low-latency message passing, all from the comfort of a familiar programming language like Solidity. Come build apps related to orderflow or even use SUAVE as a co-processor for results from chatGPT.


☀️ Offchain Auction Protocol$2,000
Every day another part of onchain trading protocols moves offchain and into the dark forest of private AWS servers. SUAVE offers a platform to build your offchain logic in a trustless and verifiable way and have a network of TEE co-processors perform the compute and data storage needs of the application.

Qualification Requirements

Deploy a SUAPP on SUAVE, which results in a trade or intent being matched, routed, or backrun on L1.

🧪 Most Unique Offchain App$2,000
While one of it's primary purposes is to decentralize orderflow networks and offchain auctions, SUAVE can be used as a TEE coprocessor for many different types of applications, including AI, web2, social media, prediction markets, and more!

Qualification Requirements

Use SUAVE to build a unique application showcasing it's use of arbitrary HTTP requests in smart contracts to enable things that are not possible on Ethereum L1.

🧩 Chain Abstraction PoC$1,000
Chain abstraction refers to account aggregation and giving users the ability to controlactions on different chains from a single account on a host chain.

Qualification Requirements

Using SUAVE, create a proof of concept which show cases sending a transaction to a different or multiple different ways and how this can enable the future of chain abstraction!