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About Filecoin Filecoin is the L1 blockchain and storage network uniquely poised to power the open data economy. The mission of Filecoin is to create a decentralized, efficient, and robust foundation for humanity’s information. The Filecoin Virtual Machine, launched in March 2023, brings programmability to Filecoin, & has already gained traction with thousands of developers. About InterPlanetary Consensus (IPC) With IPC, decentralized apps can reach planetary-scale through recursively scalable subnets, sub-second transactions, robust compute workloads, and highly adaptable WebAssembly runtimes tailored to dev requirements. It enables the creation of flexible, living networks of customizable sidechains or "subnets", which can achieve massive scaling by running parallel chains that interoperate with one another. The journey begins with supercharging devs’ capabilities on the Filecoin network.


🚀 Build Data Economies & Tools Together with Filecoin$10,000Delivered in FIL tokens
   ① $4,000       ② $2,500       ③ $1,000       ㉧ $500 ×𝟻   
There is a rapidly growing need for decentralized, secure and efficient data storage solutions. The Filecoin network offers ground breaking solutions that anticipate data needs for today's world and beyond. Your challenge is to build dApps, dev tooling, storage provider tooling, or data client apps that benefits all network participants. Think for data owners, data preparers, token holders, storage providers, node operators, developers & storage software vendors. 🚀 Data Marketplaces: Best solutions to supercharge the open data economy on Filecoin, via FVM-enabled smart storage features such as upload/retrieval, data replication/repair/deal renewal. E.g. A place for trading bots to buy formatted financial market data to reduce training cost. 🚀 Data Onboarding: Filecoin is designed to onboard large scale data. Meeting everyday individuals & businesses needs some effort. We encourage any solution that makes clients easily store with Filecoin SPs with ease of mind. E.g. Data Insurance, allows Filecoin clients to get financial assurance of data security. Meaning smart contracts can provide SLA terms for clients. 🚀 AI + Filecoin: Quality data determines the quality of many AI projects. Filecoin’s network is great for storing raw data and training AI models. We encourage ideas that combine Filecoin with AI tooling. E.g. A Data explorer that helps AI companies to find correct public data on Filecoin for training.
🌌 Most meaningful use of Interplanetary Consensus for scalability$10,000Delivered in FIL tokens
   ① $4,000       ② $2,500       ③ $1,000       ④ $500 ×𝟻   
Interplanetary Consensus (IPC) is a new hyper-customizable scalability framework for both horizontal and vertical scaling, currently rooted to Filecoin and designed to be multi-chain! Prizes will be awarded to the most meaningful usage of a custom IPC subnet, where you deploy your custom subnet(s) and utilize general message passing to perform tasks e.g. transactions, data aggregation etc. Bonus points for advanced configuration of a subnet for custom syscalls and built-in actors to run specialized tasks e.g. machine learning. Qualifying technologies: Interplanetary Consensus


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InterPlanetary Consensus (IPC) enhances Filecoin scalability. This workshop covers IPC setup, subnet/appchain custo...

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04:00 PM GMT — Friday, Mar 15, 2024 in Workshop Room 1