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Minimal Anti-Collusion Infrastructure (MACI) is a private, on-chain, voting system. MACI is a protocol designed to provide a highly secure e-voting solution. It enables organizations to conduct on-chain voting processes with a significantly reduced risk of cheating, such as bribery or collusion. MACI uses zero-knowledge proofs to implement a receipt-free voting scheme, making it coordinator to verify how a specific user voted. This ensures the correct execution of votes and allows anyone to verify the results. It is particularly beneficial for governance and funding events, where its anti-collusion mechanisms help ensure fair and transparent outcomes.


🏆 Best use of MACI$6,000
   ① $2,500       ② $1,500       ③ $1,000       ④ $500 ×𝟸   
This prize is for the best overall use ofMACI! Your integration should be fully functional end-to-end and deployed in testnet or mainnet.

Qualification Requirements

- Is there a meaningful problem being solved with MACI? Does the project have potential to solve a real problem in production? - Was the project fully integrated on both the frontend and backend? Does the integration work end-to-end? - Is the project introducing novel implementations or new tech? - Is the project posing a creative solution to a problem? Is MACI being used in a new way?


🛠️ MACI - Private On Chain Voting

What is MACI and how you can use it to conduct private polls.

This workshop is happening in-person

03:00 PM GMT — Friday, Mar 15, 2024 in Workshop Room 3