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The Ethereum Name Service is a decentralised naming protocol for the new internet. ENS enables you to have a portable web3 username and profile. Use it to establish an online identity, simplify crypto payments for any blockchain, and host decentralised websites. ENS supports .eth names natively, as well as any DNS names you already own (.com, .xyz, etc.). There are millions of ENS names, 700k+ unique users, and hundreds of integrated services including some of the largest wallets (MetaMask, Coinbase, Rainbow), dApps (Uniswap, Etherscan, Farcaster), and browsers (Brave). Come by our booth to ask any questions!


👨‍💻 Best contribution to an open source library$1,000
Offchain ENS names are becoming more popular, but there are still a few prominent web3 libraries that don't (fully) support resolving these types of names. To be eligible for this prize, open a PR on one of the following libraries that adds support for ENSIP-10 (Wildcard Resolution) and EIP-3668 (CCIP Read). - go-ens - web3.js - web3.py (already has partial support) - KEthereum (Kotlin) - ENSKit (Switft)

Qualification Requirements

With your contribution, the relevant library should resolve the following data: - com.twitter text record of gregskril.uni.eth: "gregskril" - description text record of 331.moo.nft-owner.eth: "Good Morning Cafe" - ETH address of jesse.cb.id: "0x849151d7D0bF1F34b70d5caD5149D28CC2308bf1" - ETH address of gregskril.com: "0x179A862703a4adfb29896552DF9e307980D19285" - ETH address of gregskril.uni.eth: "0x179A862703a4adfb29896552DF9e307980D19285" - ETH address of 331.moo.nft-owner.eth: "0x51050ec063d393217B436747617aD1C2285Aeeee" - BTC address (cointype `0`) of jesse.cb.id: "0x0014a8abf6d1989c0a209621ef2a1f4bf2843dfd153f"

🏅 Best use of ENS$9,000
   ① $3,000       ② $2,750       ③ $2,250       ④ $1,000   
Any type of ENS integration is eligible for this prize — Get creative! The more ENS-centric it is, the better. It should feel like ENS is a core part of your project, not an afterthought. Some ideas include unique ways to register .eth names, smart contract wallets that mint subnames upon deployment, clever approaches to reducing fees for ENS users (offchain/L2 resolvers), or unique use cases for text records. For L2 projects, we encourage you to explore the EVMGateway linked below. Come by our booth for help brainstorming ideas!


🛠 Identity in Your Apps

Learn all about ENS (Ethereum Name Service), the decentralized naming protocol used by MetaMask, Coinbase, Uniswap,...

This workshop is happening in-person

03:40 PM GMT — Friday, Mar 15, 2024 in Workshop Room 3