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The Chiliz Chain is the open layer 1 protocol for sport and entertainment, supported by the business infrastructure of the Chiliz Group. Socios.com was built on top of the first iteration of the Chiliz Chain, together with our native utility token asset class - Fan Tokens.


🛠 Fan Utility Projects$7,500
   ① $4,000       ② $2,500       ③ $1,000   
Retail facing platforms which optimally utilize Fan Tokens for social, commerce, live event etc experience focuses.

Qualification Requirements

Operational smart contracts Direct utilization of 1 or more Fan Token assets. Scoring based on: - Idea/concept - Technical execution rating

🏈 SportFi Projects$7,500
   ① $4,000       ② $2,500       ③ $1,000   
DEX, Lending, SocialFi, gamified/ pool betting, lossless betting etc. platforms either integrating or not integrating Fan Tokens directly, as well as SportFi infrastructure projects i.e Oracles, transaction facilitation tools etc.

Qualification Requirements

Operational Smart Contracts Any thematic connection to sport and entertainment. Scoring based on: - Idea/concept - Technical execution rating

🏊 Pool Prize$5,000
Split with up to 41 teams (capped at $122 per team)
The shared Pool Prize will be split between all projects submitted successfully.

Qualification Requirements

Any project that is deployed successfully on Chiliz Spicy testnet qualifies for the shared pool prize.