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Aztec is a privacy-first zkRollup on Ethereum. We are also developing Noir, the easiest-to-use zk circuit writing language available. We truly value the contributions of hackers, and some hackathon submissions may qualify for retroactive grant funding.


🕵️ Best overall Aztec Sandbox dapp$2,000
We will award the best Aztec application $2000. The best project will be evaluated by leveraging features unique to Aztec (private state, private functions, account abstraction, etc) as well as completeness, see the requirements section for more info. There should be a focus on the contract and writing tests. Do not worry about creating a UI. Aztec network hackers may qualify for participation in an upcoming the Alpha Hack, Aztec focused hackathon.

Qualification Requirements

A submission must include a complete Aztec contract that can be compiled with the latest version of the aztec-nargo compiler. It must also include end-to-end tests (written with aztec.js) that validate the correctness of the Aztec contract.

🧑‍💻 Runner up (Aztec or Noir App)$1,000
Judges discretion on the runner up prize, but must follow the requirements for the best Noir App prize, or the best Aztec Sandbox dapp prize.

Qualification Requirements

Submission must meet the requirements of the Aztec dapp or Noir App prizes.

🌌 Best Noir App$2,000
We will award the best Noir application $2000. The application can be on-chain, using Solidity verifier contracts, or completely off-chain, with no blockchain component. The application should use at least 1 Noir program and include an interface for users that makes it easy for users to generate / verify proofs. Creativity is a key prize consideration. The application should use Noir and ZK to its advantage and innovatively achieve its purpose.

Qualification Requirements

Submission must include at least 1 Noir program that is used in a user interface.