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Avail is built to serve as the unification layer that coordinates interoperability and liquidity across the rollup centric future. The first component of Avail - Avail DA - solves for rollup scalability via scalable data availability. Avail DA is a state-of-the-art modular DA that implements data availability sampling (DAS) with validity proofs. It provides abundant blobspace for anyone to use without feeling restricted by their use case and scale.


📊 Best Visualizer for Pre & Post EIP-4844 Comparison$2,000
Up to 2 teams will receive $1,000
With the Dencun upgrade on Ethereum, data submission (blobs) costs by L2s to Ethereum Mainnet are expected to reduce compared to calldata. Build a visualizer or calculator to compare and estimate the cost reduction between calldata (pre-EIP4844) vs blob (post-EIP4844) submissions. Teams must estimate and visualize the cost change for major L2s (Optimism, Arbitrum, Polygon zkEVM, Starknet, zkSync, etc.)

Qualification Requirements

Criteria for evaluation will be based on: - Number of L2s whose cost is being visualized - Intuitive design and presentation of the visualizer. - Use of live data would be given extra points over static data. - BONUS: Simulation of congestion and the comparison of congestion handling and costs of calldata vs blobs in that scenario would also get extra points.

🛠 Best Project built with Avail$3,000
Up to 3 teams will receive $1,000
Build your project that expands and benefits the Avail ecosystem, or uses Avail DA in a meaningful manner.

Qualification Requirements

Project Ideas for hackers include: 1. Use Madara/Rollkit/RISC Zero/SP1 to build a custom application-specific rollup (e.g. an order-book exchange rollup) -> Must use Avail DA as the data availability layer. 2. Build a Liquid Staking Protocol for Avail - either directly on the node, a substrate pallet, or on Ethereum powered by a bridge, or via any other means. 3. Add p2p feature to Avail's web LC, that allows it to be connected to the light client p2p network. 4. Build a JS wrapper/JS-equivalent, Bridge API (currently implemented in Rust). 5. P2P Address Book: Create a webapp which uses the Avail LC in crawl mode to log addresses and timestamps of peers as they join a network. - Bonus points: The p2p network could use websocket to establish connections with other LCs without needing a public multiaddress 6. IoT WebApp: Build an IoT web app of your choice on Raspberry Pi/BeagleBone/any suitable RTOS device using the Avail Light Client connected to a public Avail network like Goldberg. These are ideas to help you give an idea of what to build with Avail in this hackathon. We're open to seeing other innovative ideas from you.


🛠️ Avail 101 Workshop

Avail accelerates the unification of Web3. Starting with Avail DA, a robust data availability layer born from the n...

This workshop is happening in-person

04:30 PM GMT — Friday, Mar 15, 2024 in Workshop Room 3