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zkSync Era is a Layer-2 protocol that scales Ethereum with cutting-edge ZK tech. Our mission is not only to increase Ethereum's throughput merely but to fully preserve its foundational values – freedom, self-sovereignty, decentralization – at scale.


🏆 Best use of zkSync$10,000
Up to 2 teams will receive $5,000
A paymaster in zkSync is a contract invoked during the transaction flow that agrees to pay the gas fees of a particular transaction on behalf of the user. Thanks to native account abstraction on zkSync, paymasters can be used by EOAs (like Metamask) and Smart Contract accounts. This bounty could involve creating a novel implementation of a paymaster contract within an application flow.

Qualification Requirements

We require all the challenges submitted for the zkSync track to be deployed on the zkSync testnet or mainnet. Innovation: how unique and original is the project? Does it solve a real-world problem in a new and creative way? Technical merit: the execution of the project from a technical standpoint. 1. Well-written code 2. Well-documentation Presentation and Pitch: how well does the team present their project? 1. Purpose 2. Features 3. Benefits Completeness: how much from the challenge topic is completed and how much is left to be done? Sustainability: if the presented project gets funding, would it be sustainable in the long run? Practicality: when it comes to using the project, would it be practical or burdensome? Scalability: how well can the project handle increased users or data? Alignment: theme alignment of the event and the hackathon’s goals