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UMA is an optimistic oracle that can verify any natural language statement as true on the blockchain, so contracts asking for that data can be settled.  Across, built by UMA, is a cross-chain bridge that supports cheap, secure, and near-instantaneous transfers between L2s and to L1. Across transfers are secured by UMA’s Optimistic Oracle.  Builders can use UMA as a decentralized truth machine that is flexible enough to handle ambiguity and real-world data with human-powered dispute resolution. UMA secures and empowers a diverse set of Web3 applications, including cross-chain bridges, insurance protocols, prediction markets and customizable DAO tooling products.


🏆 Best use of UMA & Across$10,000Delivered in UMA tokens
   ① $5,000       ② $2,000       ③ $1,000 ×𝟹   
Prizes will be awarded to the best projects built on top of UMA's optimistic oracle, or the Across bridge.


🛠 Composable Bridging with Across

Across Protocol – the crosschain EVM bridge built and secured by UMA – introduces Composable Bridging, exclusive to...

This workshop is happening in-person

02:00 PM UTC+3 — Friday, Nov 17, 2023 in Workshop Room 1