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TACo is an e2e encryption & access control plug-in that makes your Web3 application more secure, more private, and much more decentralized. TACo's adopters operate in domains where compromising on trust reduction simply doesn't fly; seed phrase recovery, crypto-inheritance, enforcement of decryption rights for tokenized media libraries, transferring deployment/SSH keys, and concealing in-game assets. Beyond these, you can use TACo to build a decentralized password manager, a location sharing plugin, an encrypted livestream platform, or bundle it with a storage/database service - to name but a few ideas. In general, TACo empowers application users to specify conditions for accessing their private data at encryption time. Only when those conditions are fulfilled – i.e. verified by a cohort of Threshold network nodes – is a data consumer provisioned with decryption material. It is the only conditions-based access control layer available to Web3 developers that is genuinely decentralized, via a live, well-collateralized and battle-tested network.


🏆 Best use of Threshold$5,000
Up to 4 teams will receive $1,250
Build with Threshold if you’re a believer in data privacy and self sovereignty. A total of $5000.00 USDC/T is available by hacking with Threshold Network's applications and services. Our judges reserve the right to split the prize between teams. As decentralized apps become the digital norm, Web 3.0 platforms will increasingly face the challenge of guaranteeing user privacy and sovereignty when interacting on public blockchains. The Threshold Network remedies these concerns by offering a full suite of decentralized threshold cryptography services. Threshold cryptography protects data by distributing operations across a network of independent nodes.

Qualification Requirements

To Qualify for the Threshold Bounty: Your project must be open-sourced Your project must be submitted before the official end time You must use one of Threshold applications in your project (tBTC, TACo, thUSD) Judging Criteria: Novelty of use case Difficulty of technical implementation Usefulness of the submission.