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Nouns is a community-owned brand that makes a positive impact by funding ideas and fostering collaboration. From collectors and technologists to non-profits and brands, Nouns is for everyone. Nounish. In the Nouniverse, there's a popular adjective to describe things with a Nouns vibe. This includes doing good, creating positive externalities, embracing absurdity and difference, teaching people about Nouns and crypto, and having fun. In other words, anything that helps to spread Nouns and crypto adoption.


🏆 Best Public Goods$5,000
   ① $2,500       ② $1,500       ③ $1,000   
We invite developers, designers, product folks, and everyone else to team up for an entire weekend of building, creating, experimenting, innovating, and keeping Nouns weird. Hackers are encouraged to submit any project they believe will benefit Nouns and the web3 ecosystem by building a permissionless public good. Make sure always to keep the Nounish vibe (include Nouns artwork)!

Qualification Requirements

- Build a permissionless public good. - Keep it nounish – e.g., fun, exciting, curious, public good, outside of the box, etc. - Include Nouns artwork always, front and center.