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The Blockchain Operating System (BOS) is Near's latest tech stack to decentralize the frontends of Web3 dapps from any chain. With BOS, you get the best of both worlds: decentralization & Web2-like UX/UI.


🏆 Best Frontend Component Built with BOS$10,000
   ① $3,000       ② $2,000 ×𝟹       ③ $1,000   
BOS (Blockchain Operating System) is the easiest way to build and deploy your frontend on-chain by creating a JSX Component. All of the frontend source code on BOS is stored on-chain on Near, making your frontend fully decentralized and open-source. While the frontend is on Near, it can interact with smart contracts on any EVM chain in the backend. Components are also composable, meaning you can reuse and remix different components together and embed them into your dapp. You are encouraged to incorporate this challenge into your submission for ETHGlobal Istanbul by creating a frontend component for your final project with BOS and deploying it on near.org. You can also build a custom BOS frontend for any existing EVM dapp as your final submission (see examples of BOS components for 1inch, Lido, or Uniswap, for inspiration).

Qualification Requirements

You must submit a link to your dapp or project with a live, working BOS Component The component should prompt the user to connect their Ethereum Wallet of choice The component should display on-chain data (e.g. account balance / tokens), and allow the user to make a transaction through it The component should NOT be a simple fork of an existing BOS component with minimal changes An outstanding submission is: A live working frontend component deployed to the Near mainnet that interacts with a popular protocol on the Ethereum mainnet, L2s, or other chain supported by Blocknative infra. Everything in production. A user connecting to the component with a wallet should be able to make a transaction on mainnet in addition to viewing data from a smart contract. The frontend should support the majority of the features in the protocol. TLDR: Comprehensiveness of functionality Production-grade user experience Code readability and reusability BONUS: provide feedback on your experience of developing with BOS BONUS: help evangelize BOS (e.g., contribute to docs, talk about it in presentations and/or social media) BONUS: demonstrate BOS’ composability by embedding different (new or existing) components together in your interface to improve overall UX BONUS: demonstrate BOS’ capacity to improve the user onboarding experience by integrating FastAuth


BOS: Decentralized Frontends Made Easy

The Blockchain Operating System (BOS) is NEAR's latest tech stack to decentralize the frontends of Web3 dapps from ...

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02:40 PM UTC+3 — Friday, Nov 17, 2023 in Workshop Room 2