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Hyperlane is the first interoperability layer that enables you to permissionlessly connect any blockchain, out-of-the-box. With Hyperlane you can connect your app to any chain, and easily have interchain function calls or asset transfers. Hyperlane has a one of a kind modular security stack, that allows you to configure your security model, and customize the security protocol you use to fit the action of your users.


🥇 Best Use of Hyperlane$3,000
The grand prize will be given to the most compelling submissions made during the hackathon. It can qualify under any of the categories below, so be sure to read them to get some ideas! Think of the grand prize as an extension of the category prizes
🚝 Best Hyperlane Infrastructure$2,000
This category is for building infrastructure that either enhances Hyperlane or makes use of Hyperlane's capabilities. Maybe you’ll build a customized Deploy tool to bundle Hyperlane with any OP Chain deployment? Or perhaps you’d build a way to more easily connect chains with Hyperlane? Maybe you’ll build a tool to allow any chain to get access to oracle feeds from any chain? You decide! To win, your submission will have to serve a useful purpose either for Hyperlane users, or utilize Hyperlane to provide a valuable service to someone else.
🌐 Best Use of Hyperlane Hooks$2,000
Hooks are the next evolution in Hyperlane’s Modular Security stack, allowing any interoperability protocol to be access from a single Hyperlane interface! To do this, Hooks need to be created for existing bridging solutions, whether they are canonical rollup bridges, or external AMB protocols such as Axelar, or Layerzero. Use this hackathon to build your first Hook and integrate it!
🎼 Best Interchain Application$3,000
   ① $2,000       ② $1,000 ×𝟺   
An interchain application is an application that communicates between different blockchains. It can either transfer assets or make interchain function calls. The winner of this prize will be the most impressive application that makes use of Hyperlane and benefits from its presence on multiple blockchains. Depending on the quality of submissions relative to other categories, Hyperlane may award several Interchain applications.


Hooked: Building with Hyperlane V3

Learn about message dispatch modularity enabled by V3 Hooks, and how to permissionlessly deploy Hyperlane to allow ...

This workshop is happening in-person

03:00 PM UTC+3 — Friday, Nov 17, 2023 in Workshop Room 4