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We prepared some quick inspiration for you 👀 Check the RESOURCES section at the bottom of this page for a Notion link which contains full information and ideas. >>> Gearbox Protocol brings you Onchain Credit, allowing anyone to margin trade on 1inch, Cowswap or Uniswap, leverage farm on Curve, leverage stake on Lido, and use 10X more capital on many DeFi or NFT protocols you love. Making decentralized leverage a reality thanks to Credit Account abstraction! >>> Gearbox Protocol uses Credit Account {abstraction} to bring together lending and prime brokerage in the same protocol. Lenders deposit assets to earn passive yield, while the composable leverage side users borrow these assets to create spot leverage positions, which can be used across DeFi, RWA, NFTs, and whatnot. That could be margin trading on Uniswap, farming on Curve and Balancer, leverage staking on Lido and Rocketpool, and a lot more. All of that is made possible with Gearbox’s innovative Credit Account abstraction, creating the base layer of DeFi leverage.


🏆 Best use of Credit Accounts + GearBot intents$8,000
   ② $3,000       ㉧ $5,000   
Cross-prize ideas you can build with Gearbox. You can do a few! Integration of 1inch or Cowswap into Gearbox for margin trading; Integration of Spark (sDAI) or Aave into Gearbox for leverage farming; Notifications for leverage users (Credit Accounts) with Push Protocol; Integration of tBTC by Threshold or UMA's synthetic assets for leverage; Use of Wallet Connect or wallets to interact with Gearbox Protocol; Integration of NFTs as collateral in Credit Accounts to leverage NFTs; Integration of Chronicle or API3 oracles into Gearbox;
🏆 GearBot's Apprentice$1,000
Up to 2 teams will receive $500
A cool cross-product integration with Gearbox


GearBots: Intent Agents

Copy Trading, TWAP, DCA, stop loss, and many other intents a bot can do - in order to simplify UX... all possible w...

This workshop is happening in-person

03:40 PM UTC+3 — Friday, Nov 17, 2023 in Workshop Room 4