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SUAVE - Single Unifying Auction for Value Expression - is a platform for building MEV applications such as OFAs and block builders in a decentralized and private way. ⚠️ SUAVE is in an early development phase, prize submissions will take this into account in the event you cannot get the entire e2e flow working for a demo ⚠️ https://suave.flashbots.net/ PW: suavemente Uniswap v4 allows anyone to customize pool logic via hooks which run at various points of a pool action's lifecycle. https://docs.uniswapfoundation.org


🧩 Best Intent UniSUAVE Design and PoC$2,000
Up to 2 teams will receive $1,000
Intents refer to “what” the desired outcome of an action on a blockchain should be as opposed to transactions which specify “how” an action should be performed. Intents and Solvers work together very closely as some solvers aggregate intents in order to maximize user welfare under various definitions. In order to support these functionalities on SUAVE and UniV4, you can help deploy various intent formats like ERC-7521 or ERC-4337 and create solver applications to resolve into UniV4.

Qualification Requirements

To win this prize, create an intent format, or deploy an existing one like ERC 4337 or ERC 7521, aggregate them confidentially on SUAVE, and submit solutions to a UniV4 hook on Goerli.

🎁 Best PFOF Design and PoC$1,500
Design and prototype a Payment for Oderflow contract on SUAVE that resolves into a uniV4 pool. This would roughly require: - A SUAVE contract that controls the routing of all frontend order flow for a pair (ETH-USDC) - Auction runs every X time period with respect to some benchmark such as L1 Pool price. - Liquidity providers bid in terms of their execution quality/volume (e.g. 20bps spread, up to 20MM per day) - A staking amount or a slashing mechanism in the event a liquidity provider fails to fulfill.

Qualification Requirements

Provide a PFOF design and prototype which utilizes SUAVE and UniV4. Provide a PFOF design and prototype which utilizes SUAVE and UniV4. Provide a PFOF design and prototype which utilizes SUAVE and UniV4.

⚖️ Best UniSUAVE LVR Design and PoC$1,500
   ① $800       ② $500       ③ $200   
LVR - also known as loss-versus-rebalancing is way to benchmark LP performance, and most historical analyses has shown LPs suffer from toxic flow, often in the form of CEX-DEX arbitrage. This prize is to create a design and prototype which showcases a solution to this problem. There are various ways to do so, these include: - creating a smart contract on SUAVE that can auction off the rights to the first trade on a uniV4 pool in a block - create a way to offer private LP'ing on SUAVE - create a dynamic fee oracle on SUAVE based off historical pool/trade data which can alter the fees on the Univ4 Pool. and many more, come chat with us!

Qualification Requirements

Use SUAVE and UniV4 hooks.

☀️ Best Use of SUAVE$2,500
   ① $1,500       ② $750       ③ $250   
Use SUAVE to create interesting and new decentralized applications, check out https://suave.flashbots.net/novel-use-cases for ideas.

Qualification Requirements


🦄 Best Use of UniV4$2,500
   ① $1,500       ② $750       ③ $250   
Use UniV4 hooks to create novel pools and applications.

Qualification Requirements

Use UniV4 hooks.