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The Ethereum Foundation (EF) is a non-profit organization that supports the Ethereum ecosystem. We are part of a larger community of organizations and individuals that fund protocol development, grow the ecosystem, and advocate for Ethereum. Website | Twitter


🏆 Build something with Fe$5,000
Up to 3 teams will receive $1,666
This prize is meant to encourage the development of things using Fe. It could be a set of contracts that solve some kind of on-chain problem or a library that provides broadly useful functionality.

Qualification Requirements

Whatever it may be, it must be written in Fe to qualify for one of these prizes. Project evaluation will be based on the complexity, usefulness, and quality of the implementation. Example ideas: DAO/Multisig contracts Cryptography libraries Memory map type


Getting started with Fe

Introduction to the Fe language. Attendees will learn the basics of Fe lang and how to use the compiler CLI.

This workshop is happening in-person

03:00 PM UTC+3 — Friday, Nov 17, 2023 in Workshop Room 3