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Ethereum Attestation Service



EAS is an open-source public good for making attestations onchain or offchain about anything. It's a permissionless and tokenless protocol designed to build more trust online & onchain. Attestations are simply digital signatures on structured data. They're highly composable and interoperable. You simply register a schema (data structure) for the attestation and then make attestations with it. There are so many unique use cases that have been built with EAS: - Digital identity & reputation systems - Voting systems - Ticketing systems - Provenance of information & goods - Content authenticity - and much more Watch our workshop video for more details! Happy building.


Best Use of Attestations$5,000
Up to 4 teams will receive $1,250
We are awarding the top 4 teams that use attestations in an innovative and impactful way. Happy building!

Qualification Requirements

We're looking for teams who have: - Built a working product - Leveraged attestations in their workflow & can share the attestation record - Have built something innovative that has real impact and value - Have thought through project viability and the business model around it Additional info: - You can use existing schemas or create your own - Build with either offchain or onchain attestations - Highlight the composability of the attestations (how might others build on top of what you built?)