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Chronicle Protocol is a novel Oracle solution that has exclusively secured over $10B in assets for MakerDAO and its ecosystem since 2017. With a history of innovation, including the invention of the first Oracle on Ethereum, Chronicle Protocol continues to redefine Oracles. A blockchain-agnostic protocol, Chronicle overcomes the current limitations of transferring data on-chain by developing the first truly scalable, cost-efficient, decentralized, and verifiable Oracles, rewriting the rulebook on data transparency and accessibility.


🥇 Most Innovative Chronicle Oracle Integration$7,000
   ① $4,500       ② $2,500   
The prize will go to the two teams with the most innovative integration of Scribe, Chronicle's new Optimistic Schnorr Oracle. Supported chains include: Ethereum Sepolia, Polygon zkEVM testnet, and Gnosis Chain Mainnet; solutions must utilize the Oracle smart contract. The innovation should stem from the use case of the Oracle, i.e., The idea or utility of the project.

Qualification Requirements

- Must utilize the Oracle smart contract on one of the supported blockchains

Integrate a Chronicle Oracle$3,000
Split with up to 10 teams (capped at $300 per team)
Each team successfully integrating a Chronicle Oracle on one of the supported chains, Sepoila, Polygon zkEVM testnet, or Gnosis Chain mainnet, will receive an equal share from the $3000 DAI reward pool. The integration must utilize the Oracle smart contract and be crucial to the product or project's operation, serving a legitimate purpose.

Qualification Requirements

- Utilize the Oracle smart contract on one of the supported blockchains.


Optimistic Schnorr Oracles 101: Unlock Verifi...

While part of the Maker team, Chronicle invented the Oracle on Ethereum for DAI. Many iterations later, Chronicle l...

This workshop is happening in-person

05:30 PM UTC+3 — Friday, Nov 17, 2023 in Workshop Room 1