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Certora is a blockchain security company that provides industry-leading formal verification tools and smart contract audits. Certora’s flagship security product, Prover, is helping protocols like Aave, Lido, and Maker integrate the power of formal verification into their development pipeline to catch even the most rare & hard-to-find bugs.


🏆 Best formal specification of a project$5,000
   ① $2,500       ② $1,500       ③ $1,000   
To qualify for the Certora Prize, write a formal specification for your project and test it with the Certora Prover. Your project could be anything as long as the smart contracts are written in Solidity.

Qualification Requirements

Our judges will assess the specification based on the following criteria: Soundness - the spec should correctly describe the desired behaviors of the code. Abstraction - a good spec should describe high-level properties of the code and not just “unit-tests.” Security coverage - a specification that can prevent bugs in different components and of different types would be rated higher. Correctness - the specification should be a valid input to the Certora Prover, and we can trigger a run with it. Note - please send your specifications even if the Prover halts on your runs or finds violations! Submission A link to your prover runs. Adding comments to your specification will increase your chances of earning a reward. A link to your project’s repository, that should contain documentation about your project