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Celestia Labs is the organization building Celestia, the first modular blockchain network that securely scales with the number of users. Its mission is to make deploying chains as easy as smart contracts.


🏆 Modularizoor$8,000
   ① $2,000 ×𝟸       ③ $500 ×𝟹   
This bounty is awarded to the project that excels in integrating a unique application, emphasizing both creativity and utility.

Qualification Requirements

Conditions & Rules: - Integration with Celestia for data availability is mandatory. - Options include: * Deploy an application on Bubs Testnet, an OP Stack testnet deployed on Celestia * Deploy an application using Polaris EVM on Rollkit and Celestia * Deploy an application on Arbitrum and Orbit utiltizing Blobstream on Ethereum’s Sepolia testnet and on Celestia’s Arabica testnet. - The project should be entirely new and can target Gaming, DeFi, or NFTs - Any use of third-party APIs or tools must be declared. - Github Repository and demo required - Expectations: - Showcase creativity, utility, and scalability. - Refer to our Developer Portal: https://celestia.org/developer-portal/ - Read our Documentation: https://docs.celestia.org/ - Submit feedback form to us after going through our docs for ways for us to improve the developer experience


Deploy Rollups with Modular DA in minutes

Build and deploy Rollups that use Celestia for DA in minutes. From Sovereign Rollups to L2s and beyond, we'll talk ...

This workshop is happening in-person

03:20 PM UTC+3 — Friday, Nov 17, 2023 in Workshop Room 3