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Arx allows you to create experiences that blend digital & physical using secure NFC chips. HaLo chips generate Ethereum compatible signatures that can be used to link physical things on chain, mint NFTs or store assets. HaLo chips are decentralized meaning no oracles or hidden APIs are required. Leverage open source tooling like libHaLo to scan chips from a web browser and the Ethereum Reality Service ("ERS") to link chips on chain resources.


💯 Best HaLo Use$5,000
   ① $2,500       ② $1,500       ③ $500 ×𝟸   
HaLo chips are super powerful whether you want to use them on their own as a wallet or in order to mint other assets. We're really excited by the potential to integrate HaLo chips with other protocols. Some ideas might include: making EAS attestations, HaLos with token bound accounts, a custom Safe module that uses HaLos, mint one-time collectable NFTs, leverage HaLo chips on a zkrollup.