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Beryx, created by Zondax, is a dynamic web platform designed for developers working with blockchain technologies, particularly focusing on the Filecoin blockchain. It offers a suite of tools that enable easy and reliable access to public historical data, real-time streaming information, RPC access, faucet and detailed metrics essential for developing web3 applications. Beryx is the go-to resource for learning about Filecoin, interacting with smart contracts, decoding ABIs, and understanding and monitoring network activity.


🐠 Best Use of Beryx$5,000
1st place
2nd place
3rd place
$500 ×2
We challenge you to enhance Beryx by developing new features, integrations, and improvements to enhance user interaction and functionality. Focus on the following key areas: -Tooling and Widgets for Developers: Create tools such as new widgets, data converters, or utilities to enhance the development experience. Take inspiration from our tools like the address converter and gas estimator. -Visualization/Design: Redesign or improve Beryx’s user interface, page layouts, and overall aesthetics to make it more intuitive and visually appealing. -Dashboard Structure: Modify or rebuild our dashboard to offer deeper insights into the Filecoin Ecosystem, better data management, and customization options to help users make informed decisions based on real-time and historical data. -Integration for Storage Providers: Identify crucial data for storage providers and propose innovative ways to display it. This might include widgets, components, and user interactions to improve their experience on Beryx. -Deals Integration: Propose ways to display deals with user-friendly interfaces, data visualization techniques, and interactive elements. Feel free to explore beyond these categories. While we’ve outlined specific areas, it’s not mandatory to choose one. If the Beryx API does not meet your needs, use mock data to showcase and evaluate your project.

Qualification Requirements

- Submissions must introduce at least one innovative feature that enhances the functionality or user experience of Beryx. - Entries should demonstrate potential for a significant impact on the Filecoin community, addressing real user needs and ecosystem gaps. - All projects must include comprehensive documentation in/and a README file. The documentation should explain the project’s functionality, setup, and any dependencies. Additionally, the documentation must highlight creative solutions that push the boundaries of traditional block explorer functionalities. - Projects should effectively utilize the Beryx API. If the API is insufficient for your needs, the use of mock data is permitted and should be clearly documented. - Projects must be open-source and hosted on a public repository, promoting collaboration and further development within the community. - Submissions must be complete and functional prototypes, not just concepts or partial implementations. - All projects submitted must be built during the duration of the hackathon.