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Starknet, an Ethereum Layer-2, leverages zk-STARKs technology to advance scalability, reduce transaction costs, and enhance security. It is renowned for having the biggest growth in developers and the lowest transaction fees on Ethereum (source: Developer Report, Grow The Pie), making previously untenable projects feasible. Starknet has tools to build what you want, from gaming to machine learning. However, thanks to low costs and the easy-to-use Cairo language, it really opens up creative possibilities.


🥇 Starknet Application Innovation Award$5,000
1st place
2nd place
3rd place
Awarded for the most innovative MVP (Minimum Viable Product) developed on Starknet. Eligible projects include (but not restricted to): * Machine Learning on-chain: Utilize Giza for on-chain agents or verify PyTorch model integrity. * Gaming: Create games using Dojo. Applications may be initial MVPs showcasing potential and creativity. Participants are encouraged to engage with the Starknet Foundation for potential discretionary Seed Grants if their projects show promise (https://www.starknet.io/ecosystem/grant/).

Qualification Requirements

The MVP should utilize the Starknet tech stack. It doesn't need to be a complete project, we understand that quality takes time. However, the MVP should be partially functional and effectively leverage Starknet technology. The Starknet Foundation will support you in turning your MVP into a market success 🥇.