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Squid Router



Squid creates unlimited access for anything in crypto. Squid can be used to seamlessly swap across 70+ EVM and Cosmos chains all from one place and Squid NFT Checkout can be used to buy any NFT from any chain using any token. Squid’s API, SDK, and Widgets offer ease of integration for projects building on any chain to enable cross-chain functionality in just 1 click.


💜 Best use of Squid$5,000
1st place
2nd place
3rd place
Squid's SDK and API allow you to execute any action from any chain. Our postHooks and preHooks allow actions before or after a cross-chain swap to be executed. Use cases in production include depositing to derivatives DEXs, buying NFTs across chain, lending across chain, repaying a loan and sending the assets to another chain. Squid’s SDK offers all of the main functions in typescript, while Squid’s API allows for writing your own client code. If you’d prefer not to use Javascript or ethers/wagmi, Squid’s API is probably for you. Integrate Squid and take any single chain action and allow a user to execute it no matter where their assets currently are.

Qualification Requirements

Must use Squid's API or SDK (not widgets).