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Developers can use the Mona SDK to build games and experiences. This SDK enables seamless interoperability across the open metaverse, allowing users to import and interact with 3D digital objects from their wallets into various metaverse platforms and games developed with Unity. The primary goal of the Unity Wallet SDK is to facilitate a smooth integration of Web3 functionalities into Unity-based applications. By doing so, it empowers game developers and content creators to offer enhanced interactive experiences that leverage user-owned digital assets, such as NFTs, across multiple platforms.


👾 Best implementation of MONA’s SDK for a gaming environment.$10,000
Grand Prize
Top Prize
Honorable Mention
We are excited to present the award for the Best Implementation of MONA’s SDK in a gaming environment. This prestigious recognition is awarded to developers who have demonstrated exceptional skill and creativity in integrating the MONA SDK into their Unity-based projects. Prize Details: - The grand prize will receive $5000 and a blog post that highlights the innovative aspects of their project on MONA’s website and an opportunity to join us on an X Space to discuss their project and direction. - The top prize will receive $3000 and a blog post that highlights their project’s innovation. - The honorable mention will receive $2000 and a blog post that highlights their project’s integration of MONA’s SDK. Purpose of the Award: The primary goal of this award is to encourage and recognize developers who effectively utilize the Unity Wallet SDK to enrich gaming experiences. By integrating Web3 functionalities, the award-winning project should demonstrate the potential to transform how players interact with digital assets across various metaverse platforms, making gaming more interactive and user-centric. These awards not only celebrates technical proficiency but also innovation in creating engaging and dynamic environments that push the boundaries of traditional gaming.

Qualification Requirements

Eligibility Criteria: - Utilization of the MONA SDK to create or enhance a gaming environment. - Seamless integration of Web3 functionalities that leverage user-owned digital assets. - Innovative use of the SDK to facilitate interactive and immersive gaming experiences. - Must have a working prototype. How to be Disqualified: - Submissions of wireframes only. - Submissions of concepts only.