logoHackFS 2024


Lilypad is transforming AI by making distributed compute accessible and simplifying the use of advanced models. We are dedicated to collaborating with other protocols to provide developers and users with the necessary tools and compute power. Creating an open AI platform involves building a community of passionate developers committed to developing open infrastructure and protocols. This effort aims to democratize AI, distribute value fairly, and help shape Lilypad's future. We are excited to offer a bounty at ETHGlobal HackFS for those building essential tools for Lilypad or experimenting with downstream apps on our AI platform. We seek integrations, plugins, marketplaces, and other solutions to enhance Lilypad's accessibility and usability for developers and AI enthusiasts. We are also interested in innovative apps and DApps across DeFi, DeSci, gaming, social, and other sectors that leverage the benefits of crypto and AI.


🐸 Best Lilypad Tooling or Use of Lilypad$5,000
   ① $2,500       ② $1,500       ③ $1,000   
Awarding the project that showcases exceptional innovation, impact, and technical excellence in leveraging Lilypad’s distributed compute capabilities.

Qualification Requirements

- Demonstrate exceptional creativity, impact, and technical implementation - Must be a new project built throughout the hackathon - Must be open-source and available on a public code repository - Must have clear and concise docs outlining features and functionality of your project - Must have a clear and concise README file