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🦋 SocialFi$1,500
Ideas to build on for Social DApps: 1. Domain-2-domain calling: Build a react native app leveraging social graphs to create a calling app from one pseudonymous social identity to another. Use the Huddle01 React SDK to build a react native /expo app for the same. 2. Metaverse / Spaces: Bring Web3 Social communities together by levering the Communication primitives using the Huddle01 SDKs. Communication spaces like concerts, collaborative office spaces and romad around 3D interactive worlds. e.g. Farhouse - https://farhouse.club/

Qualification Requirements

1. Should have communication (audio/video/data) working using Huddle01 SDK. 2. Utilize a social graph (like Farcaster, Lens) or domain service (like ENS, Lens) to build around socials. 3. Deployed working url to project & public github repo.

🤖 AI Track$2,000
Ideas to Build on for AI Track: 1. AI-Assisted Video Interview Platform: Build a video interview platform where an AI can conduct initial interviews and provide real-time feedback to candidates. The LLM can generate interview questions based on the job requirements and evaluate the candidate's responses. Human recruiters can then review the AI's recommendations and conduct follow-up interviews via video chat. Similar to → https://www.hirevue.com/ 2. AI-Enhanced Remote Collaboration: Create a video conferencing tool that uses LLMs to generate meeting summaries, action items, and follow-up questions. The AI can also provide real-time suggestions and insights during the meeting based on the conversation's context. Similar to → https://code.visualstudio.com/learn/collaboration/live-share with AI summaries & followups 3. Mental Health Support Chat: Develop an AI-powered mental health support platform that offers video chat with virtual therapists. The LLM can provide initial mental health assessments, generate personalized coping strategies, and guide users through relaxation techniques during the video sessions.

Qualification Requirements

1. Successful integration of Huddle01 SDKs to power your dapp with audio/video/data comms. 2. Interaction with an LLM to enhance the meeting experience or build a product around it. 3. Deployed working url to project & public github repo.

🤝 Open Innovation$1,500
The Open Innovation Track challenges hackathon participants to unleash their creativity and build groundbreaking decentralized applications (dApps) by leveraging the power of Huddle01 SDKs. This track encourages developers to think outside the box and explore innovative ways to integrate audio, video, and data communication capabilities into their dApps using Huddle01's cutting-edge tools. Some ideas to explore on : 1. Immersive Experiences: Combine Huddle01's audio and video SDKs with emerging technologies like virtual reality (VR) or augmented reality (AR) to create immersive and interactive experiences. 2. Real-time Collaboration: Utilize Huddle01's audio and video SDKs to enable real-time collaboration features within your dApp. 3. Decentralized Streaming: Leverage Huddle01's streaming capabilities to build decentralized streaming platforms for content creators, educators, or entertainers.

Qualification Requirements

1. The extent to which the project demonstrates innovative use of Huddle01 SDKs to solve real-world problems or create new opportunities. 2. Successful integration of Huddle01 SDKs to power your dapp with audio/video/data comms. 3. Deployed working url to project & public github repo.