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Galadriel is the first L1 blockchain purpose built for AI. __ Ethereum enabled writing smart contracts to build dApps. Similarly, Galadriel enables developers to build AI apps & agents like smart contracts — in Solidity, decentralized and on-chain. We support a range of AI usage: from simple LLM features in existing dApps to highly capable AI agents like on-chain AI hedge funds, in-game AI NPCs, AI-generated NFTs, and even agent swarms. __ Galadriel is built on a parallel-execution EVM stack and brings AI inference on-chain in a low-cost, low-latency manner through teeML which allows querying any open and closed-source LLM models in a verifiable manner. __ Galadriel is in Devnet. Join the mission in building user-owned AI.


💎 The best on-chain AI agent(s) built on Galadriel Devnet$10,000
1st place
2nd place
3rd place
Galadriel enables you to get LLM inference (querying a Large Language Model, e.g. GPT-4) into Solidity smart contract code which is essential to building on-chain AI agents. __ Simply put an AI agent is an LLM that is called multiple times in a loop, it is prompted to "work" until it completes a given input task. Some good Web2 examples would be: 1) https://www.cognition.ai/introducing-devin 2) https://github.com/assafelovic/gpt-researcher 3) https://github.com/py499372727/AgentSims __ Taking on this challenge to build such AI agents on Web3 rails, we encourage you to be creative, here are some potential use cases: - AI-money manager/On-chain Hedge Fund - AI prediction agent - Agent Swarm / Team of Agents (Agent Sims) - On-chain fraud detection & Insurance - AI Clone & Digital Twin - Autonomous Gaming NPCs - Agent governed DAO __ Read more about building on-chain AI agents on Galadriel Devnet from our dev docs, including an end-to-end Solidity agent tutorial (link below).

Qualification Requirements

1. The project must be deployed on Galadriel Devnet. 2. Must include clear instructions on how to use it. 3. A short description is included that explains how Galadriel is used in the project. 4. The project must involve on-chain AI features by Galadriel. The team will manually check for this. Also, deploying just regular EVM contracts without any AI use case will not count. __ Extra points for (in order): 1) use of IPFS to give AI memory [https://docs.galadriel.com/reference/rag] 2) multiple agents integrating with each other (agent swarm/team of agents/multi agent system) 3) agentic feature #1 - LLM calls in a loop [https://docs.galadriel.com/tutorials/agents#making-a-loop] 4) agentic feature #2 - use of tools [https://docs.galadriel.com/reference/tools] 5) use of multimodal [https://docs.galadriel.com/tutorials/multimodal]