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Fleek is developing essential tools for developers who want to build on a fully decentralized stack. Fleek’s suite of tools includes decentralized hosting, storage, domain management, content addressing, CDN services, and serverless compute.   We’re thrilled to be launching our public facing edge function & serverless compute testnet as part of HackFS! You can already use many of Fleek’s tools to kick off your project and with the release of our compute testnet, build even more interesting projects.    We are eager to see onchain approaches to solve issues developers and users face in their daily lives and build better developer/user experiences.


🏆 Best use of Fleek$4,500
1st place
2nd place
3rd place
Some ideas that are exciting to Fleek:   🖥️ JS Edge Functions - Developers can make javascript edge functions that can be used inside their apps to offload a part of the computation to Fleek. This can have multiple use cases and various libraries can be bundled and used simultaneously to provide quick responses to the user on the app.   Please ensure that you use Fleek CLI v2.1.0-staging.1 while exploring the edge functions.   🗂️ Next.js App Hosting - Fleek provides a decentralized execution environment for hosting Next.js apps. This makes the app instantly more performant and also allows for individual features of Next.js like image optimisation to be utilized as an edge function.   🤖 Virtual Machines - A huge value add to the Fleek ecosystem that a developer can provide is building virtual machines. VMs can become execution environment services for multiple languages and enable other developers to do nearly anything.   ⛓️ Nodes - We can execute the logics of another node on top of Fleek nodes. This would allow for complete blockchain infrastructures to exist (and still perform its own tasks) while leveraging the distribution and availability of Fleek nodes. Essentially replacing any centralized servers one may spin up and build a blockchain network from scratch.   🌐 Onchain DNS - An onchain solution to manage all hostings on Fleek would be an extremely helpful project for the community. As we swap centralized CDN from your stack with an extremely performant decentralized CDN, a natural next step would be to have a decentralized domain name system hosted on Fleek.   📊 Analytics - Monitoring and Analytics tooling can be built and hosted on Fleek. These can exist in the VM environment or as edge functions and trigger when a certain event has taken place. This is also an interesting use case for logging tools built on Fleek.

Qualification Requirements

Please note that these are some ideas and approaches we researched and theorized internally. We welcome any suggestions and creative applications of Fleek beyond the above presented list. All ideas and techniques to build more scalable solutions that solve a problem are important to us and we will provide adequate support from our end to discuss and help make projects technically concrete and strong. Building on any of the above mentioned use cases can fetch a bounty but if you have a different idea in the same vein reach out to us! - The idea and approach should be relevant to Fleek. - The project should have a strong technical foundation with focus on the problem being addressed. - Adequate attention must be paid to the developer/user experience of your project

🏊 Pool Prize$500
Split with up to 22 teams (capped at $23 per team)
We're excited to power any part of your project at HackFS. Use any Fleek technology to be a part of the pool prize.

Qualification Requirements

To qualify as part of the Pool Prize you must make meaningful use of Fleek developer tooling in your project.