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The Ethereum Name Service is a decentralised naming protocol for the new internet. ENS enables you to have a portable web3 username and profile. Use it to establish an online identity, simplify crypto payments for any blockchain, and host decentralised websites. ENS supports .eth names natively, as well as any DNS names you already own (.com, .xyz, etc.).


👑 Best use of ENS$3,500
1st place
2nd place
Any type of ENS integration is eligible for this prize — get creative! The more ENS-centric it is, the better. It should feel like ENS is a core part of your project, not an afterthought. Some ideas include unique ways to register .eth names, smart contract wallets that mint subnames upon deployment, clever approaches to reducing fees for ENS users (offchain/L2 resolvers), or unique use cases for text records. For L2 projects, we encourage you to explore the EVMGateway linked below.
🌐 Best decentralised website$1,500
ENS names support a contenthash field, which is an identifier of decentralised content such as an IPFS CID. This makes IPFS content accessible via human-readable names instead of long hashes. Contenthash resolution is supported natively in some browsers like Brave, or can be accessed in any browser via gateways like https://eth.limo. This prize goes to the best decentralised website that is accessible via a .eth name!

Qualification Requirements

Build a website that supports ENS in some way, pin it to IPFS, and set the contenthash record of a .eth name to be the relevant CID. It should be accessible via the eth.limo gateway upon submission. This requires minimal mainnet ETH for gas fees, which we are happy to subsidize. Feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns.