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Getting Started

What Can You Build?

Using the new primitive, xcall, developers can send assets and any arbitrary data across chains. This means you can build with crosschain interoperability out of the box, allowing your smart contracts to directly interact with other protocols across chains! You’ll find there is a whole realm of new possibilities using features enabled by the protocol.

xcall allows for a new class of crosschain use cases, such as:

🔗 Crosschain DAO governance

💧 Crosschain liquidity management

💎 Crosschain NFTs

🔮 And many more that have yet to be discovered

Chain Abstraction

The goal of chain abstraction is to free the user from chain management. Connext enables dApps to build toward this kind of ideal user experience. [Read more](https://docs.connext.network/usecases/chain-abstraction) about chain abstraction and how to build chain-abstracted dApps.

xERC20 Token Standard

Also known as [ERC-7281: Sovereign Bridged Tokens](https://ethereum-magicians.org/t/erc-7281-sovereign-bridged-tokens/14979/1), the xERC20 open token standard is an extension of ERC20 that allows tokens to be transferred across chains with zero slippage, enables fungibility between bridges, and allows token issuers to set custom rate limits for every bridge. [Read more](https://docs.connext.network/usecases/xerc20) about xERC20s and how to deploy them.

Other Resources

[👩‍💻 Developer Quickstart](https://docs.connext.network/developers/quickstart)

[🌉 General Bridge Concepts](https://docs.connext.network/concepts/background/what-is-a-bridge)

[🕰️ Connext’s Transaction Lifecycle](https://docs.connext.network/concepts/how-it-works/transaction-flow)

[🌐 Supported Chains and Contract Addresses](https://docs.connext.network/resources/deployments)

[📚 SDK Guide](https://docs.connext.network/developers/guides/sdk-guides)

[📖 SDK Reference](https://docs.connext.network/developers/reference/sdk/sdkbase)