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Fathom Protocol is an early-stage startup pioneering in decentralized finance (DeFi) on the XDC network. It aims to enhance liquidity through the over-collateralized stablecoin, FXD, to bridge DeFi with real-world assets. Fathom roadmap encompasses a broad spectrum, including Lending, DEX, DAO, and other products on the XDC network. XDC, as an organization, is on a mission to improve the overall deficit in the global infrastructure with the help of Blockchain technology. XDC has revolutionized the concept of peer-to-peer transactions by using community-driven digital assets in an open-source blockchain platform. The core idea behind our initiative is to make the transactions more secure and transparent among the parties involved in cross-border trade. XinFin, as an organization, believes in establishing an environment that will help businesses thrive without worrying about the hassles of international fund transfers.


🏆 Best Use or Extension of Fathom Protocol$10,000
1st place
2nd place
3rd place
Ideas for Implementations: - Enable private peer-to-peer transfers of Fathom FXD stablecoin using zero-knowledge proof technology. - Develop Solidity smart contracts for stable pools like in Curve and integrate them with Fathom DEX. - Create and integrate a Fathom DEX plugin that will allow cross-DEX swaps. - Develop compliance features for FXD: daily limits, Know Your Customer (KYC) options, and wallet screening. - Integrations for Fathom FXD stablecoin with DEXs/bridges/aggregators/etc. - Integrations of Fathom Application with different open-source wallets. The 1st place-winner team will have an opportunity for a Dubai trip where they will get a chance to visit the XDC Network Developer Center and have an amazing desert safari.

Qualification Requirements

As a result, we expect the working smart contracts (passing unit tests) and UI (huge bonus). Showcase the deployed dApp working on XDC mainnet / Apothem testnet.


🛠 XDC Network Workshop - Fathom protocol

Building DeFi ecosystem. The Fathom Protocol is designed to be the focal point for all DeFi needs on XDC through FX...

This workshop is happening in-person

04:00 PM IST — Friday, Dec 8, 2023 in Workshop Room 1