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Scroll is a zero-knowledge rollup built to scale Ethereum. We're committed to Ethereum's ethos, and like to call ourselves the community-first zkEVM.If you’re experienced in building on Ethereum, your code, dependencies, and tooling work with Scroll out of the box. This is possible because our network is compatible with EVM bytecode and designed to feel just like developing on Ethereum. With the launch of the Alpha testnet on Goerli, Scroll is inviting the developer community to join early and begin innovating.


🚀 Deploy on Scroll$7,000
Split evenly between all qualifying projects
This should just mean changing your RPC!\\\* Try out Scroll's next-generation zk-rollup by deploying your project's smart contracts on the Scroll testnet on Sepolia. With Scroll's zkEVM, users will benefit from lower costs, shorter block times, and higher throughput -- without you needing to modify your Solidity code.

Qualification Requirements

Deploy and verify your smart contract on scroll. Make sure to inlcude both the contract address and link to scroll-etherscan in your github read me.

🥇 Best on Scroll$10,000
Up to 10 teams will receive $1,000
You're here to build the latest in greatest in web3 on Ethereum — we want to see it deployed on Scroll. Use Scroll's Sepolia Testnet for your deployment of a novel DeFi application — we're compatible with the EVM at the bytecode level, so all your Solidity, Vyper, or YUL should just work with the change of an RPC address.

Qualification Requirements

- Project contracts must be deployed on Scroll Sepolia and verified on the Scroll Etherscan - Add the contract address and link to scroll-etherscan in your Github ReadMe! - Project must have a working flow - Project that excite us, include some of the following: - Solve a tangible problem or build a relevant use usecase - Provide value to developers/community in terms of public good - "super-nerdy" not necessarily product-market fit, but a cool geeky project


🛠 Get started with building on Scroll!

Join this workshop if you want to know how you can get started to build on Scroll and use your favourite protocols!...

This workshop is happening in-person

06:00 PM IST — Friday, Dec 8, 2023 in Workshop Room 2